I am not sure whether we met at the dealership or not but I wanted to let you know how happy and satisfied with the service I received from the moment I made my initial enquiry to completion of the transaction.
I am sure that all members of your team would have been equally attentive and professional, as for salesman i dealt with, I have nothing but praise for him, from our first introduction to the completion of the transaction he kept we well informed with the progress of the car, and was very hands on and I felt that he was on top of the job from the very beginning, I also thought that it was a bit of an added bonus that he was a very nice young man, I employ people, including salesmen and I think I can spot the good from the not so good, and I hope you agree that he is a good one.
Please thank all of your team for making the parting with several thousands of pounds an almost pleasant experience, by the way I love the car.
R Rae
Jaguar Guiseley

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Here at Farnell Jaguar we have great personal contract hire rates across a wide range of brand new Jaguar Vehicles.

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) agreements are an alternative way for a private individual to acquire their vehicle. Essentially you will be renting a car for a set period of time and mileage, ( 24 to 60 months and any annual mileage from 5,000 to a maximum of 150,000 for a diesel car or 120,000 for a petrol car ). At the end of the agreement the car is handed back to the lease company and the customer starts a new agreement on their next choice of vehicle, subject to status.

Monthly rentals, which include vat, are dependent upon the model, specification, the term and the annual mileage chosen. Advance payments are usually the equivalent of 3, 6, 9 or 12 monthly rentals. Road Fund Licence is always included in the rental. Full AA cover is always included up to 3 years and can be added for longer terms. Servicing and maintenance requirements, to Jaguar’s schedule for your vehicle, can be covered for an additional cost, which also covers consumable items such as tyres, brake pads, brake discs, batteries, exhausts and even wiper blades for the contract duration.

Should you chosen mileage prove inaccurate during the term of the contract this can be adjusted up to avoid excess mileage charges or equally down to reduce the rentals. Some wear and tear on the vehicle is expected when handing it back, but anything excessive will be charged to you if not repaired prior to return, as defined by the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear Guide. As you will enter into a legal agreement some charges will be applied if you terminate early, typically half of the remaining rentals. There is no opportunity for equity or ownership at the end of the contract but neither is there a need to dispose of the vehicle.

Why Choose Jaguar Contract Hire?

  • JCH offer some of the most competitive rentals for new Jaguar cars.
  • No documentation charges or initial set up fee’s
  • Personalised quotations based on your choice of car, term and annual mileage
  • 3 years Jaguar warranty
  • 3 years full AA cover
  • Road Fund Licence for the contract duration
  • Contract mileage adjustment facility
  • JCH is backed by Lex Autolease, UK’s largest leasing company.

Jaguar F-Pace Contract Hire

Jaguar F-PaceTermAdvance Rental
inc VAT
Monthly Rental
inc VAT
Annual Mileage*Excess Mileage Charge PPM
F-PACE DIESEL ESTATE 2.0d [163] Portfolio 5dr3 x 35£1,592.43£530.8110,00014.04
F-PACE DIESEL ESTATE 2.0d [240] Portfolio 5dr Auto AWD3x23£2,437.98£812.6610,00016.56
F-PACE DIESEL ESTATE 2.0d Portfolio 5dr Auto3x23£2,068.74£689.5810,00014.88
F-PACE DIESEL ESTATE 2.0d Prestige 5dr Auto3 x 35£1,509.12£503.0410,00013.08

Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar F-TypeTermAdvance Rental
inc VAT
Monthly Rental
inc VAT
Annual Mileage*Excess Mileage Charge PPM
F-TYPE CONVERTIBLE 2.0 2dr Auto3 x 47£2,376.18£792.0610,00019.56
F-TYPE CONVERTIBLE 3.0 [380] Supercharged V6 R-Dynamic 2dr3x23£4,055.64£1,351.8810,00023.88
F-TYPE COUPE 2.0 2dr Auto3 x 47£2,090.52£696.8410,00017.64
F-TYPE COUPE 3.0 Supercharged V6 2dr3 x 47£2,340.69£780.2310,00018.12

Jaguar XE

Jaguar XETermAdvance Rental
inc VAT
Monthly Rental
inc VAT
Annual MileageExcess Mileage Charge PPM
XE DIESEL SALOON 2.0d [180] Portfolio 4dr3 x 35£1,475.43£491.8110,00012.00
XE DIESEL SALOON 2.0d [180] Portfolio 4dr Auto AWD3x23£1,945.05£648.3510,00013.32
XE DIESEL SALOON 2.0d [180] Prestige 4dr3x23£1,612.80£537.6010,00011.16
XE DIESEL SALOON 2.0d [180] Prestige 4dr Auto3x23£1,707.87£569.2910,00011.76
XE DIESEL SALOON 2.0d [180] R-Sport 4dr3 x 47£1,272.96£424.3210,00011.76
XE DIESEL SALOON 2.0d [180] SE 4dr Auto3 x 35£1,403.76£467.9210,00011.28

All New Jaguar XF

Jaguar XFTermAdvance Rental
inc VAT
Monthly Rental
inc VAT
Annual Mileage*Excess Mileage Charge PPM
XF DIESEL SALOON 2.0d [180] Portfolio 4dr3 x 35£1,576.80£525.6010,00013.20
XF DIESEL SALOON 2.0d [180] Portfolio 4dr Auto AWD3 x 35£1,767.93£589.3110,00014.52
XF DIESEL SALOON 2.0d [180] Prestige 4dr3 x 47£1,254.42£418.1410,00011.64
XF DIESEL SALOON 2.0d [180] Prestige 4dr Auto AWD3 x 35£1,539.60£513.2010,00012.96
XF DIESEL SALOON 2.0d [180] R-Sport 4dr3 x 47£1,345.02£448.3410,00012.48
XF DIESEL SALOON 2.0d [180] R-Sport 4dr Auto AWD3 x 47£1,464.96£488.3210,00013.68
XF DIESEL SALOON 2.0d Portfolio 4dr3 x 35£1,532.76£510.9210,00012.96

All New Jaguar XJ

Jaguar XJTermAdvance Rental
inc VAT
Monthly Rental
inc VAT
Annual Mileage*Excess Mileage Charge PPM
XJ DIESEL SALOON 3.0d V6 Autobiography 4dr Auto [LWB]3 x 47£2,769.72£923.2410,00028.80
XJ DIESEL SALOON 3.0d V6 Luxury 4dr Auto3 x 47£1,964.94£654.9810,00021.36
XJ DIESEL SALOON 3.0d V6 Portfolio 4dr Auto3 x 47£2,372.19£790.7310,00024.96
XJ DIESEL SALOON 3.0d V6 Portfolio 4dr Auto [LWB]3 x 47£2,440.14£831.3810,00026.04
XJ SALOON 5.0 V8 Supercharged XJR 4dr Auto3 x 47£3,239.97£1,079.9910,00032.40

All New Jaguar E-Pace

Jaguar E-PaceTermAdvance Rental
inc VAT
Monthly Rental
inc VAT
Annual Mileage*Excess Mileage Charge PPM
E-PACE DIESEL ESTATE 2.0d [180] 5dr3 x 35£1,152.15£384.0510,00010.80
E-PACE DIESEL ESTATE 2.0d [180] 5dr Auto3x 23£1,314.36£438.1210,00011.40
E-PACE DIESEL ESTATE 2.0d [180] HSE 5dr Auto3 x 47£1,606.92£535.6410,00014.88
E-PACE DIESEL ESTATE 2.0d [180] R-Dynamic 5dr Auto3 x 47£1,198.83£399.6110,00012.24
E-PACE DIESEL ESTATE 2.0d [180] S 5dr3 x 47£1,226.22£408.7410,00012.24

Personal Contract Hire. All rentals include VAT. Finance subject to status. Guarantees may be required. All vehicles above are based on a non-maintained agreement. Vehicles must be returned in good condition and within agreed mileage, otherwise further charges may be incurred. *Excess mileage charges apply.

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